15 May

Tuesday Morning

This blogging sporadically thing has my mind so confused. This morning as I am on the gazelle I am thinking “oops! I forgot to post tags for last night’s dinner!” and I am going over in my head the tags I need to add “shrimp, grill, etc.”. It wasn’t until getting ready to type this post that I realized, I didn’t forget any tags…I haven’t written the post yet! Haha! So here it is…Apricot Pineapple Glazed Shrimp

Last night’s dinner was one that I could do some prep work in advance such as cutting up this oh-so-beautiful pineapple…


Cutting up my green pepper. Yes, green pepper. Look at my perfect red pepper that I was supposed to be using:


Yet when I cut into it…


Definitely not okay. I also made up the glaze ahead of time in my wonderful food processor. It consisted of apricot preserves, onion, rice vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic and salt (I left out the dried apricots). After work I threaded green pepper, pineapple and shrimp on soaked skewers.


Then I fired up my grill for the first time this year!! I kept the kabobs continually basted with the glaze while cooking.


Served with broccoli and some of the reserved glaze!


The combination of pineapple/pepper/shrimp was wonderful but honestly I was not all that crazy about the glaze. This surprised me but it just wasn’t my favorite. A bit too sweet perhaps? I think I prefer savory with these items.


Zach wasn’t home for dinner so he has not tried this yet so I don’t have his verdict on the sauce but if I made it again I would use a different glaze! Perhaps something asian inspired…or bbq….yum


After my dinner I hit the Greenway for a good 45 minute walk/run. The weather was SO beautiful and absolutely cloudless today and it was wonderful to be outside. I did 2.64 miles and burned 302 calories, a good and fun workout!

427 miles.

Guess what, guess what, guess what?!?!?! 37 days until vacation!! AHHH!!!!


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