14 May

Tuesday Morning

Great, productive day and then around 3 (a little later today), WHAM! Allergy induced drowsiness. Sigh. I just ignored it the best I could and went on with my day. Hit the gym after work for an easy workout. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a walking pace (1.83 miles and 179 calories).

When I got home I had dinner waiting courtesy of the world’s most wonderful man. Tonight was Chicken with Quick Chile Verde. (Hooray for being able to link up to it!)


This was from a “Cooking Light” magazine and it turned out wonderfully! The homemade salsa especially was what helped make the dish, just so flavorful and fresh.



(Those are tomatillos in case you didn’t know!)


On the side was one of my amish store buys that I have been looking forward to trying- spicy quinoa pilaf. This came in a plastic container just like the couscous did and was easily cooked up in water. It was a blend of quinoa, rice, corn, carrots and an amazing assortment of spices. I was so eager to see if it tasted as good as it smelled and it was pretty good. It wasn’t as fantastic as the couscous but I would definitely eat it again! (Which is good because there is a lot left in the container yet to fix…)


Wonderful, husband-cooked supper!



I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle this morning (as well as yesterday morning). You can just assume that unless I say otherwise I am doing the 30 minutes every Mon-Fri and adding that 1.5 miles on at the end of the day with my other mileage. I wanted to share my breakfast this morning because it was just too good!



I made up a serving of those wonderful Fountain Acres pancakes with a different twist to each one. If you notice, they are getting more and more the same size. I think my pouring has improved. 🙂



I swear that middle cake is not burned, it just has carob chips in it! (The vegan version of chocolate chips.) The pancakes all got cinnamon and vanilla and then here is what makes them unique from l to r- pancake one: topped with peanut butter, pancake two: cooked with carob chips, topped with cinnamon & butter whipped honey, pancake three: I drizzled a little bit of honey on the wet side while cooking before I flipped it.



I don’t know if the honey really did that much but I just thought I’d experiment! Syrup on the side of course. It would be so easy with 3 medium pancakes to go overboard on syrup which is why I NEVER pour it on the pancakes or even free-pour it into the bowl. I always measure out a TBS for a waffle or 2 pancakes and a TBS and a half for 3 pancakes. Delicious Tuesday morning!

Mileage from yesterday: 423 miles.


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