13 May

Monday Afternoon

Saturday night we treated my Mom to one of the most fabulous meals that I have had in a long time. We checked out a restaurant that’s long been on my radar from Indy Monthly named Divvy. Zach and I have looked at this restaurant so many times I can’t even count but have never eaten there for a simple reason: you have to go with more than 2 people. See, Divvy is a tapas (small plates) bar and there are over 90 things on the menu which makes it incredibly hard to choose! The plates are pretty much perfect for sharing 4 ways also. Any more people and there wouldn’t be enough, any less and you would fill up too fast and not get to try as much. Since we are a sharing family who loves variety, this place was perfect!

Some of my pictures are good while others are a bit out of focus, but the plates were coming and being consumed so quickly that I just snapped away! The menu is split up into several sections and in the spirit of versatility we tried one thing from each section (though we probably could have eaten every dish in the cheese section alone…). Here’s the run-down:

To start with, of course, was a drink. Mom and I shared a carafe of Bubbly Berry: blackberry, fresh berries, sweet and sour, raspberry liquer and sparkling wine

IMG_1513 IMG_1514

Dad and Zach are always hams…


First menu section is called “Tidbits” and we had the bacon bites: pork belly bacon bites, maple bourbon gastrique, and applewood smoked sea salt


From the “cheese” section we got pimento puffs: melty pimento puffs, jalapenos, cream cheese, monterey jack, taco dust and creamy onion dip (this was a hands down favorite by all of us!!)


From “toppers” we got grilled rustic bread and carrots and celery with a roasted pepper artichoke spread.

IMG_1519 IMG_1520



From “poultry” were duck drummies: tuxedo sesames, teriyaki & thai chili glazed duck drummies


Our “Pork” choice was pork rolls: crispy wanton pork rolls with sweet and sour hoisin glaze


“Veggies” was another favorite of mine (though it was all so good) with japanese eggplant: charred tomato confit, basil pesto, balsamic glaze, romano and grilled japanese eggplant


“Red Meat” gave us lamb chops: grilled lollipop lamb chops, plantain chips, peach chutney and chile mango sauce. These were pretty much rare but I actually loved them and surprisingly they weren’t hard for me to chew at all!


Our “sea” choice was sizzlin’ shrimp: blackberry bbq sizzlin’ shrimp, jalapenos and bacon


“Comfort” was potato hash: bacon, balsamic, shallots, butter, divvy dust and italian parsley potato hash


We finished our meal off with a tasting tour dessert where we got to choose three small things to try. We picked the baked alaska: berry cake, torched Tahitian vanilla meringue and fresh berries; frozen chocolate mousse: red sea salt, peanut butter glaze and caramel; and the apple pie bar: caramel sauce, cinnamon dust and whipped cream. We also got a scoop of real vanilla-bean ice cream despite saying that no we didn’t need one, haha! It was good too.


Man, just writing this post makes me hungry! We didn’t have a bad bite and the bill wasn’t too terrible considering ALL the stuff we got to try. We left feeling just right and not too stuffed which is so nice. I will DEFINITELY be going here again. Divvy gets 5 stars in my book!


And here’s a few shots of us…


IMG_1544 IMG_1555


What an absolutely perfect meal and the perfect people to spend it with!!! I love my parents like crazy!

The next day was Sunday, ACTUAL mother’s day and I got to see my mom at church. Then after a relaxing day with the husband (including a glorious couch-nap :)) it was time for the next mom, my mom-in-law!! We were doing a double mother’s day with both her and Zach’s grandma (Vicki’s mom) so we stayed close to home. We went to Concannon’s for dinner expecting to order and eat there but our plans were thwarted when we found out that they were closing earlier than expected!

IMG_1558 IMG_1560


We ended up ordering to go and eating it back at Zach’s parents. It was still a nice time of visiting. Once dinner was over we talked and laughed and played a unique Uno game where the cards were shaped like jellybeans. Best part was we got to eat real jellybeans! I haven’t had jellybeans in forever!

It was a weekend spent with those we love most and that was the best part of all. It’s so wonderful to spend good time with family and remember what’s most important to us. (And good food doesn’t hurt either ;))


One Response to “A DAY FOR MOTHERS”

  1. Mom May 13, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    Divvy gets 5 stars in my book, too! Thanks to my wonderful daughter for a wonderful Mother’s Day experience!!

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