11 May

Saturday Morning

It’s weird that this is my first time posting since yesterday morning! Last night was such a fun night though and I couldn’t wait to write about it but it was nice that I COULD wait to write about it if I chose to. 🙂 After work Zach and I headed out to Indy on a date I had planned. First part of the date was active- Skyzone. If you have never heard of Skyzone it is a chain of trampoline parks and we have one close to us! We have been there once before but it has been quite awhile. I just got us a half hour jump time because I knew that’s all we would want since you get SO. TIRED. I was seriously worn out after just 7 or 8 minutes! It’s just non-stop jumping. There are foam pits to flip into, basketball goals to dunk on (or fail miserably if you are me), dodgeball areas (but we didn’t play because it was mostly little kids) and huge free jump areas. I set my fitbit and in 30 minutes burned 295 calories and covered 1.21 miles! It was a fantastic workout and we had so much fun doing it!

After this we changed and headed into downtown to try a somewhat new restaurant that I’ve had my eye on in the back of my Indy Monthly magazines. It’s called Punchburger and it’s genius. 🙂 They are all burgers with a few sides and the food is all local (yay!). You can choose a specialty burger or create your own off the chalkboard.


They also have a good selection of craft, local beer. I got a Triton Fieldhouse Wheat. Their pint glasses resemble beer cans, pretty cool!


Here’s my dinner:


I got one of their specialty burgers- the “burnt cheese” after reading so many great reviews about it on yelp. I got it with lettuce, tomato, house-made pickles, ketchup, spicy aioli and Smoking Goose bacon (a local butcher). Seasoned waffle fries for my side. Check out my burnt cheese 🙂


Zach created his own burger with (I believe): pretzel bun, pepperjack cheese, sweet chili sauce, an egg, jalapenos, lettuce, red onion and some local ham. He got the side they are known for – the sweet potato tots.


Everything was AMAZINGLY good. Not only that but it was a great price!!



We had a wonderful date. 🙂 Taking Mom out tonight in Indy at a really exciting restaurant, we are so ready for some more amazing food!!!

415 miles.


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