7 May

Monday Evening

This post is coming up late because I crashed hard and early last night.*

As the afternoon wore on today I got more and more tired. I don’t know what my deal was but I was feeling exhausted! I went to the gym once I got off hoping that maybe a workout would energize me but I just did 30 mid-pace walking minutes on the treadmill (1.98 miles and 183 calories- didn’t realize I was so close to 2 miles or I would have continued) and tiredly climbed off.

At home it was leftovers for dinner, so thankfully it was simple.


I had brussels with ketchup and some of that baked risotto which heated up nicely!

IMG_1466 IMG_1467


I ended up not going to Bible Study with Zach which was a huge debate I had with myself all afternoon. I love Bible study and I hate to miss it but I felt so dead on my feet that I didn’t know if I would get anything out of it and we often don’t get home until 9-ish. I suppose it was good I didn’t because I fell asleep somewhere around 8:10 and that was it for me!

405.5 miles.


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