6 May

Sunday Evening

I managed to get in a 50 minute walk in my neighborhood (2.6 miles, 269 calories) before the rain came! Part of my walk was with a book while Zach ran an errand then when I swang by home he was back and he joined me for the second half of the walk. I love getting to take walks together, always good quality time!

Zach had guy’s night tonight so I hung out with first Mom, then Mom and Dad. Mom and I spent a good chunk of time uploading more pictures from my laptop to hers and are finally done with that project! Then we went to her house to play games while Dad finished watching the Pacers game. 🙂 I beat her in Battleship and was smashing her in Upwords but she ended up coming back and beating me in that one! The three of us went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and I had a big dinner. I did end up having a margarita for Cinco de Mayo with supper but I didn’t take a picture! Started with a roll:


I ate more than just this half, probably more like 1 and a quarter. Then I had my salad with dressing on the side. I said no croutons but I also should have said no cheese! Too much! I took some off and left a little as well.


Then came the kid in me- mac and cheese. 🙂


Lastly were the side of veggies and side of mashed potatoes. Unfortunately I didn’t eat hardly any of the veggies. They were really undercooked and still pretty crunchy.



After dinner Mom and I got in the hot tub!! That’s right, the hot tub! It’s been out of commission for a few months but is suddenly working again. We aren’t sure how long this will last so we took advantage of it while we could. It’s bed for me soon, time to start a new workweek in the morning.

402 miles.


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