5 May

Saturday Evening

What do you think Zach wanted for dinner to celebrate his accomplishment today?


Puerto of course. 🙂 What else? So we had chips and cheese dip and then I had a cheese enchilada. Like always.


Like always it was good! We couldn’t decide what to do after dinner and then had a brilliant idea. Since we finished the seasons of Big Bang Theory I have been wanting Zach to watch How I Met Your Mother. Well, all the seasons are on Netflix but we don’t have Netflix. But Steven has Netflix. 🙂 He was out of town but Zach has a key to his house (best friend thing) and so we headed over there and watched a good 4 episodes! Then I wanted MY favorite thing:


At least I shared. 🙂 Guess what we ended up doing when we got home? Got a free trial of Netflix. Haha! Going to plow through the seasons and then in a month we’ll see if we want to keep it or not. Going to bed early tonight, worn out from our early beginning to the day!


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