4 May

Saturday Morning

I am blogging to you quickly at a wicked hour. I am never up this early on a workday, am I crazy?! Haha feels like it right now. I am also crazy excited though! Hard to believe this race is finally here again. I am having this banana with a smidge of PB on the car ride to Indy:


I don’t have a super-specific goal since my running has been sporadic since starting Insanity. I just want to finish in a time that I can be proud of and have a lot of fun! My race starts at 7 (the 5K) and Zach’s race (the mini- 13.1!!) starts at 7:30 so once I’m finished I’ll be checking out the “post-race party” in Military Park and then grabbing a spot to wait for husband to cross the finish line! I’ll be back later this afternoon with results plus a fun brunch outing. Wish me luck!


One Response to “WHAT TIME IS IT?”

  1. victoria May 4, 2013 at 8:25 am #

    Godspeed to you both. When you get home you’ll have another natural sweet treat as a reward.

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