4 May

Saturday Afternoon

Early morning, pre-race at home!! Excited and nervous!


It was an uneventful drive to Indy this morning then Zach dropped me off and I headed to my corral. The weather was really great for a run besides a bit of wind and I was pumped up! My time ended up being 30:52 (3.1 miles [obviously] and 310 calories burned) which isn’t too bad all things considered. It would sooo help if I would have been in preferred starting instead of way back deep in the crowd because you practically walk the first .25 and then spend a lot of time/energy running laterally to get around people. I do know that I can run faster than that but I am glad to have it under 31 minutes and perhaps I will have a better time at next Saturday’s race! Yes, next Saturday. 🙂 Just like last year!

Here’s me post-race waiting to cheer Zach on! (He was doing the 13.1…whew!)


There he goes!!!


He finished in 1:44:59- so proud of him!!!


Little running couple 🙂


After the race we headed to a new restaurant (to us) for brunch with Leah. It was called Tulip Noir and was adorable and wonderful! They have a great statement on their menu about serving “clean food” with no chemicals, additives, corn syrup, etc. etc. Look at the cute little tea sample and water with cucumber they gave us:


Zach ordered tea that came in a very unique glass with a thing for loose tea and a timer on top to let him know when it was ready!


Everything on the menu looked divine but I finally went with their “dreamy french toast” that came with banana/granola/syrup/and best of all- mascarpone cheese!! Ohhhh this was so delicious. I shared with both Zach and Leah and they agreed with me. 🙂


I also shared some of Zach’s whole wheat veggie quesadilla stuffed with avocado/red pepper/mushrooms/pepperjack cheese and a few other vegetables. Also incredibly good, I don’t think you could go wrong at this place!!


Leah and I 🙂



When we got home Zach relaxed a bit and I…went for a walk with Mom! Yes, more exercise. That’s just who I am! We walked for 32 minutes, 1.93 miles and 192 calories burned. After the walk Zach and I saw “The Host” in theaters. It’s a book that I have loved for a long time that was recently made into a movie. It hasn’t gotten the best reviews, but I enjoyed it! Relaxing at home now and discussing dinner options!

Oops! Didn’t update mileage yesterday! Last night was 395 miles. Today is 399.5 miles (so close to 400!!!). 43.5/200 running miles.


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