2 May

Thursday Evening

Worn. Out. This afternoon was surprisingly very busy with daycare ending with me getting off work 6 minutes late and dashing to the gym with no time to spare. I had told myself that I just needed to get in, run 2 miles and get out and that’s what I did! Two miles in 19:02 and 174 calories burned. Soaked in sweat I ran home for a total of 4 minutes before we headed for Indy. I did nothing with my hair, clothes or makeup and simply heated up some leftovers to take with me (Zach already ate some leftovers). I figured hey, if I am going to a runner’s expo, why not look as though I just finished running? Haha

Dinner is not pretty, but it did the trick!


Leftover pizza-fied chicken heated up great. I had a bowl of grapes shared with Zach as well.



All the parking in downtown Indy was $10 and up but we got so fortunate to find a metered spot just a couple of blocks from the convention center. Even better, the spot was already paid up through the next couple of hours so free parking! The expo was nothing exciting this year (Read: almost no free stuff! haha) but our shirts for this year are pretty cool. We were in and out pretty fast and then back on our way home. We got to have a small snack on our way back:


One of my daycare kids (who is also Zach’s cousin) brought in cookies today that he had helped make and brought extra for Zach and I so we each had one tonight. It was a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that was very tasty. I gave Zach the much larger one. 🙂 Now home and about to crash, I’ve been pushing it this week!

391 miles. 40.5/200 miles.


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