2 May

Thursday Afternoon

Pure cardio, check! 267 calories and 1.37 miles- I was killing it today! I felt really great and strong and was glad that I decided to wait a day to do it.

Lunch was great but had a bit of a surprise.


The brussels sprouts were not the surprise. But they were wonderful as always! Roasted as I always do with some ketchup.


A steamy, brussels parfait!


The greek yogurt is where the surprise comes in. See I was really looking forward to a nice big glob of FAGE with some of my FROG jam from Fountain Acres so I grabbed my red jam and plopped some on.


When I licked off the fork I used to scoop it out, I realized that I had made a grave mistake. I used Zach’s strawberry jalapeno jam!!! He bought this from the Amish store to eat with crackers and cheese and things like that. Probably NOT to use in yogurt. It looks the same in the jar to me but I guess I need to check the labels…


Luckily it wasn’t bad and the strawberry flavor was redeeming. I still ate every last bit. 🙂 I’ll be posting late tonight because I am running to the gym immediately after work, rushing home to stuff some food in my face and heading to Indy with Zach to pick up our race packets for Saturday!

*oh! I wanted to add that I updated my recipe page with crockpot recipes. Slowly getting there…


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