1 May

Wednesday Afternoon

All right. Today’s Insanity is Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs and I made a bit of a tough decision. I have good energy and excitement (besides being a little sore from all of yesterday’s activity) but I have decided to split this up into two days. I did Cardio Abs today and will do Pure Cardio tomorrow. I have a few reasons for this:

  1. I have already worked out quite a bit this week and it’s only Wednesday. I do NOT want to burn myself out. It seems like this always happens where I get on a workout high and feel great and do great and keep pushing myself and then run myself into the ground and get a cold or get sick of exercising. I want to keep my desire to exercise fresh!
  2. I have spin class tonight and would like to do my best and not be too worn down, which, after yesterday, I can feel happening.
  3. This week is race week (AHHH!) and I don’t want to push too hard, too early and not be in top form.

Listen to me, I sound like I am giving reasons for taking a full rest day and in actuality I still did a morning workout, an afternoon workout and spin class tonight…haha, what can I say? I’m hooked!



For some raw veggie crunching today I had carrots, tomatoes and red pepper pieces with a great dip! This was a homemade dip that my mother-in-law brought over. She made it using a natural dip mix from that wonderful amish store and I am not sure what all else was in it but it was great on my veggies! (Though it should be noted that I only ate half the amount of dip and put the rest back, a little went a long way!)

IMG_1338 IMG_1339

I also made an egg white omelet with red peppers, mushrooms, habanero cheese, a sprinkle of swiss cheese and cilantro + cherry tomatoes on top.




Now did you happen to notice that little white “pearl” by the veggies?


It’s actually a pickled garlic clove! Vicki also bought these from the Fountain Acres store and gave us a small container of them. Garlic has so many great properties for your health, but eat too much and whew! Not good for being in a 10 foot radius of someone. These pickled cloves though have no strong aftertaste at all! Can you imagine just eating a whole clove of garlic?! I couldn’t, and then I did. On top of all that it tasted good too! Adding these to my kitchen repertoire…

Okay, do you remember this morning me talking about a “good new habit”. Here it is:


Haha, like my set-up? See, I know that all day I am extremely active between working out and having a daycare. I spend a lot of time on my feet and running around but there are still good chunks of the day when I am sitting on the couch in my front room (the room right next to the classroom) such as in the morning waiting on kids to arrive and a lot of nap-time when I’m not working out or prepping for dinner. During these times I just sit on the couch with my laptop and when I do this for too long it really starts to drain my energy! Just recently I started entertaining the idea of putting my computer on something so I could possibly stand or move while on it and I remembered my giant exercise ball. I grabbed the ball, a TV tray and BAM! Instant health upgrade!

I now sit on the ball instead of the couch while blogging, watching Hulu shows, and all the other general internet things that occupy my down-time. So far it has been fantastic!! I bounce while waiting for things to load or watching shows or a take my feet off the floor and balance (reallly working my core). I also can bounce slightly even while doing things like typing (I am right now!). Not only has this increased my calorie burn and already starting tightening my body (legs and core especially) but I also have noticed a real energy upgrade in the afternoons. I normally have a lot of energy in the morning and go into Insanity and once I am done I sit on the couch for the rest of naptime and by the time I get the kids up I am dragging and am normally more worn out by the end of the day. Now I don’t know if I can give the ball all the credit for the past couple of days, it is also probably a combination of good sleep and eating, but I think it helps! It just keeps me moving constantly and I am so, so happy to make this change.

Wow. Enough chattering! Sorry I got so wordy, I just had so much to say. Now go enjoy the beautiful day!



One Response to “LOTS OF WORDS”

  1. victoria May 1, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Amazing. I LOVE the exerball idea. Glad you are liking all the great food items.

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