1 May

Wednesday Evening

Only just got home and it’s after 9pm, another night on the go! Whew. I honestly just want to crank out this post and spend what little amount of time with my husband I can! So here goes a quickie: after work was spin class. I biked 21 miles exactly in 67 minutes and burned 381 calories, I was a bit slow tonight my soreness is catching up with me!

Straight to Mom and Dad’s after spin where we all got to enjoy dinner on the patio!




Mom made a wonderful parmesan crusted tilapia…


Cheesy spaghetti…


And fantastic sweet and sour green beans!


It was all completely delicious! Dad and Zach both had to go to the church for a practice after dinner and Mom and I spent a good hour transferring pics from my computer to hers…and we still have a long ways to go! I am treating myself with a lovely PB nut cup now (to be shared) and calling it a night!


386.5 miles.


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