1 May

Wednesday Morning

It’s always exciting when you remember a product you had sort of forgotten that you had. For me this morning that product was my Amish pancake mix! After doing my 30 gazelle minutes I got to work on pancakes for one! I used one egg, a splash of milk and 1/3 C mix. My pancakes were very disproportioned, I think I am not too good at pouring out the batter freehand…perhaps I should measure it out next time! I made one large one, one medium one and one small one. This was a full serving size for 140 calories but I didn’t want all 3 since I knew I would be adding stuff to gussy up my cakes so I gave Zach the small one to eat with his manly bacon + eggs meal. 🙂 While cooking on the first side I added flaxseed and cinnamon to the wet side of both my pancakes. I also put pieces of banana in one of them, see?


I kept the other half of the banana plain to eat and I put cinnamon PB on my banana pancake and blueberry whipped honey on the other.

IMG_1330 IMG_1334

Ate with syrup! The pancakes were phenomenal, even better than last time. Last time I just used egg whites and I think that is why they were so dense but this time, using a real egg, they were much fluffier.


I need to remember that as much as I love bananas I don’t care for them with a grilled flavor that much. I would have rather eaten them “raw” on the pancake than cooked into it. Perhaps strawberries or blueberries next time?



I checked my full day report from yesterday’s FitBit tracking and I did it! A new calorie burn high! I burned 2,775 calories!! I also earned (for the first time!) a badge for taking over 25,000 steps in a day! Whoa. I know most of my high burn was due to so many workouts but I also think that I have a new good habit of mine to thank for it…I’ll post more about that this afternoon!


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