30 Apr

Tuesday Afternoon

Hoo did I feel good during today’s Insanity! It was Plyometric Cardio Circuit unfortunately I can not for the life of me get my FitBit to upload results right now. I have tried over and over and am not sure why it won’t do it. The docking station and my fitbit both appear to be working fine so hopefully I will figure it out soon and have the stats for my evening post!

Now where’s lunch??


🙂 Beautiful day for some outdoor photos!! Since I so enjoyed having soup for lunch yesterday, I picked up another soup for today.

IMG_1320 IMG_1321

This was 100% Natural Minnestrone soup (with much lower sodium!).



Mmmm was this good! Though I don’t think I will make it a three-peat and have soup again tomorrow, I really have liked having a nice light yet hearty lunch the past two days!



Can’t wait to get the kids out on this gorgeous day after nap-time; much-needed sun for all! It’s the kind of day that starts making me wish my in-law’s pool was open already… 🙂


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