30 Apr

Tuesday Morning

Good morning, beautiful spring day on the last day of April! It’s to the point now where even when I have my early mornings when a kid gets here right at 6:30 I already have some light. Summer’s a’comin… Did 30 minutes on the gazelle for booty call and threw together breakfast.


I “poached” egg whites in a glass in the microwave and ate them all peppered up with a slice of Ezekiel toast (lightly buttered).


Green grapes were had as well but I ended up putting some back in the bag because I got too full.


I am working more and more at listening to my hunger cues and not eating until I am truly hungry and then stopping when I am satisfied. Note, I said satisfied…NOT stuffed. There is a big difference and why we sometimes let ourselves eat beyond our hunger (and then regret it) is beyond me yet I find myself doing that all too often. I am getting better though at NOT cleaning my plate if I truly don’t need any more food. I know it can be hard, especially if it is not enough food to save or won’t make good leftovers. There is the “starving kids in ____” mentality, but as I once read, those few bites on your plate that your body doesn’t need aren’t going to any starving children…just going straight to your hips. So the moral is, say YES to food when you are hungry and then NO once you’ve had enough!


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