29 Apr

Monday Afternoon

Well the temperature has risen and the sky is marginally brighter, I am hoping that it will continue to do so so that by the time I am off work there will be blue skies and warm weather! 🙂 Today’s lunch vegetable came in the form of soup! But first came Cardio Power and Resistance! I did 1.22 miles and burned 245 calories and felt great doing it! Nothing can brighten my mood and make me feel so good quite like a tough workout. Then when I was done it was time for soup.


I haven’t had vegetable soup in a while and I always enjoy it. I have a mixed stand on it because on the one hand it is very low-cal and has good ingredients but it also tends to be high in sodium. So I compromise and don’t have it that often and when I do I don’t fret too much, especially since I drink so much water which helps to counteract the sodium.


No matter what age you are, it’s so fun to eat little noodles in the shape of letters. 🙂


All right, Monday, let’s see what else you’ve got in store!


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