29 Apr

Sunday Evening

Apparently today’s scheduled Insanity rest day turned into an exercise rest day overall! I blame it on the dreary, rainy, gray weather…just no motivation! Although I must say I was motivated to get books since I came home with a huge bag of them. Around 15 books for $2 is the kind of steal I can’t pass up. When I got back I vegged out waiting for Zach to get home from watching a soccer game. Once he did we decided to go get dinner from Scotty’s where I had this loaded plate:


I got a something farm burger that had local Indiana beef on it as well as gouda and an egg and the fixings on a pretzel bun. Wow. This was great but it was sooo filling that I boxed up slightly over half of it! I ate all that mac and cheese though… 🙂 Was there ever any doubt? We went for a long drive and played a game that we made up (that we have yet to name) where I tell Zach to “show me something” and I give him points based on how well I think he did. Such as when I said “show me something dangerous” and he drove me past Concannon’s he got an extra point for creativity. 🙂 Some other things were “show me something local” (Lowery’s Candy), show me something unique (a red circle barn way out in the country), show me something I’ve never seen before (an all brick driveway) and on it went…we had a blast!

Now we get to watch more Les Mis because they replaced our DVD for free AND they gave us another rental for free since the last one was messed up! The weekend has almost slipped away…


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