27 Apr

Saturday Afternoon

After I did Cardio Abs and Cardio Recovery, I decided that today was the perfect day for…the zoo! I called up Mom and she agreed and we headed to the Ft. Wayne Zoo to see the animals. The weather was wonderful for a zoo day and we had a great time! Despite getting suckered into doing the “sky safari” which sounds cool but is really just a glorified ski lift that doesn’t take you anywhere close to the animals… Example:



Haha, fun…. So here are some highlights from our day at the zoo:

1) Sleepy honey badger


2) Beautiful, preening peacock


3) Ever wondered what the back of a peacock looks like? Wonder no more!


4) This orangutan is too awesome for words


5) My personal favorite zoo animal always, the red panda!


6) Creepy.



We stopped for lunch mid-day and I tried to make the healthiest choice possible which I believe ended up as a bit of a fail. I ordered a salad and saw dressing packets at the counter so I grabbed a lite Italian packet. Out came a salad…fully dressed with most-definitely full-fat caesar. I had no idea that it already had dressing on it! The salad toppings were cheese, more cheese, red onion, croutons and suspicious chicken.


(It looks better than it was.) I didn’t eat the chicken or croutons, so I mostly had lettuce, cheese and a few red onions for lunch. Ah well, I tried! Home now just for a bit and then going out to Tonne with Mom! I was supposed to be going with the girls but that didn’t work out and I still want my one wine fix that I allotted myself over the next couple of weeks! 🙂


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