26 Apr

Friday Evening

Wooow. Or should I say owwww. Just sitting here and these legs are TI-RED. After a short bit of down time this afternoon it was time for physical activity part 3 of the day. Zach went on a 9 mile run…and I went with him!! Haha, okay, it’s not as exciting as it sounds. Not only is there no way I could run 9 miles but there is no way I could ever keep up with Zach for more than…probably half a mile…maybe a mile on a good day. 🙂 No, here is how it went. We headed out to the Greenway together- Zach with his camel bak and me with a book. We determined how long the run would take him approximately, so I knew that I needed to head one direction for a certain amount of time and then turn around and head back. It was such a beautiful afternoon for this! I walked mostly at a fast pace (alternating reading and praying, I find that walking around outside with minimal distraction is such a great time to talk to God) and also did some jogging and a few sprints. I had 3 different people comment on my talent of being able to walk and read at the same time, one even called it a rare treasure! Ha! My oh-so-worthless talent… 🙂 I ended up walkjogging for 1hr and 25 minutes, 4.11 miles, burned 512 calories (!!!) and ended up at the stopping point just 5 minutes before Zach, good timing!

We had discussed going to Indy for dinner to try somewhere new but by the time we were done it was getting later and we were getting too hungry! Instead, in a moment of brilliance, we realized there is a Muncie restaurant, that is not a chain, that has been around for quite some time and yet we have never been. It’s called Domo and is a sushi/hibachi place. Please help me out with our stupidity here…why have we never been there?! Well now we have and we are so glad we did. To start I got a small salad with the dressing on the side and Zach got a little bowl of miso soup (of which I had a couple bites).


Then came the amazingness. The sushi!!!

IMG_1221 IMG_1222

We got an orange roll (8pcs), an ebi tempura roll (6 pcs) and a “heart attack” roll (4 pcs…can you believe that’s what it’s called!). These were each wonderfully good. I ate the two, smaller end pieces of the heart attack since it was ridiculously fried. I also asked for the low-sodium soy sauce which I am sure helps minimally. 🙂 We may have been overly enthusiastic just since we’ve been deprived of sushi so long but it tasted heavenly. We’ve been mourning the loss of Fusion Japanese and all the while this has been in our backyard! They also have the big, metal tables (grills?) for hibachi style cooking where the chef makes everything right there in front of you, that would be really fun to try sometime as well! All in all it was a very satisfying experience and we’re so glad we went!

Home now and getting ready to watch “Les Miserables” (finally!!!) and enjoy the sugar-free fro yo flavor of the day:


Blueberry cheesecake! Kiddie cup of course. Fantastic Friday with the man I love, hope yours was great as well!

367 miles.


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