25 Apr

Thursday Evening

Finally a totally good, productive day. 🙂 I went to the gym after work and did 30 minutes at an incline on the treadmill (216 calories and 1.87 miles). When I got home…dinner was ready! It was a crockpot recipe tonight from my “Fix-It and Forget-It Slow-Cooker Cookbook” for ham and sweet potatoes.


Earlier in the day I sliced sweet potatoes…


Placed them in the crockpot with a large ham steak on top and then sliced seedless oranges to cover the ham.


Made a glaze with cornstarch, brown sugar, OJ concentrate and honey and drizzled it over everything. Set on low and I let it cook away. By the time I got home it was smelling fantastic! Zach and I dished it up immediately to eat while finishing “No Country for Old Men”.

IMG_1204 IMG_1206

I am not the biggest sweet potato fan, but this was pretty good with the ham and I did clean my plate. 🙂


Zach and I shared this bowl of grapes on the side mostly because they were on their very last leg.


After dinner we worked on some house projects and then went over to Mom and Dad’s. We played Nerts and beat them for the second time! We’re on a streak… 🙂 Ending the night with a tiny kid’s cup of IY’s fat-free, sugar-free flavor of the day: black raspberry.



360.5 miles.


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