25 Apr

Thursday Morning AND Thursday Afternoon

I know that this is a heading you have never seen before, but this post is somewhat different. I also know that there is not a dinner post from last night and considering that I didn’t take any pictures there isn’t going to be one. Truth time: I didn’t do Insanity last night…for the third day in a row. Then on top of that I ate atrociously. This is pretty unlike me, but I have felt like I’ve been giving it a half effort lately and am determined to change that. With a race next weekend, summer ahead and vacation 58 days (!!!) away there is no room for error. To help get more on track I am following a bit of a “plan” for the next couple of weeks. From now until May 11th this will be in action. I chose May 11th since it is a little over 2 weeks away and that night we will be taking my mom out for Mother’s Day. Here’s the rundown:

  • breakfasts will be fruit or fruit + whole grain
  • lunches will be vegetable + other item
  • supper will be a normal, healthful meal (the majority home-cooked)
  • no drinks with the exception of this coming Saturday since I already have plans with girlfriends to go to Tonne
  • no snacks with the exception of fruit/popcorn/or the occasional fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt
  • Insanity schedule to be followed back on track with it’s usual one rest day a week unless my body is realllly telling me otherwise
  • I am creating a pass for ONE night (to be determined) when we take a trip to Ivanhoes (something we’ve been talking about doing for a month now…) to get a treat

So there you have it! Now lets put the past behind us and start fresh with this morning!


My fruit + whole grain for the day. As well as a sunshiny start to the day that seems to have disappeared now…


I had a good pear that came from the trip to Fountain Acres…


As well as a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, lightly buttered.



I did 30 minutes on the gazelle and it was a normal morning! Lunchtime had me fixing something that I never fix for lunch anymore-


a salad. I started with a bed of romaine lettuce and added diced carrot, cherry tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg and some grated white cheddar garlic cheese.


Dressed in a small amount of lite Italian and this was actually a salad that I quite enjoyed!



Then it was time. Time for me to face Insanity down and I with much sweating and huffing and puffing I did. It was the plyometric cardio circuit and needless to say it was NOT my best. I gave it what I could though and burned 261 calories and did 1.21 miles. Despite being tough, it felt great to finally do one again. So now I’m feeling more in control and excited about the weeks ahead !!


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