23 Apr

Tuesday Evening

With the exception of getting shot up with TB, it’s been a nice evening. 🙂 I went to the gym right after work and did 32 minutes on the arc trainer (1.95 miles and 142 calories). Left the gym, got Vicki and we headed right to the urgent care center to get our shots. My TB test requirement is annual and it was just that time again. Friday I’ll head back so that they can look at my arm and assure me that no, I do not have tuberculosis.

When I got home…dinner was waiting!


I have such a wonderful husband to cook for me when I’m not around to fix dinner. 🙂 This was a pork loin and potato dish. Zach chopped up red potatoes and steamed them then layered them in a baking dish. Topped with pork loin chops with a variety of spices, a jar of marinara sauce and topped with FF mozzarella.



The potatoes were a nice surprise in this dish, I think they were my favorite part!

While this was good, I only ate half of my pork chop. They were rather large and I got stuffed. A great supper though dear, thanks!



Watching “No Country for Old Men” now, very interesting movie so far…most definitely unique!

Forgot to update yesterday’s mileage! With the 1.5 on the gazelle and the 2.34 for the walk that upped it to 353.5 miles. Now tonight I’m at 356.5 miles.


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