21 Apr

Sunday Afternoon

Despite running a little late today, church was great. 🙂 It also went a bit long since someone got baptized afterward so we were hungry by the time we got home! We both ate our other half of our sandwiches from yesterday for lunch.


It may not look great, but let me tell you- this still tasted wonderful! They sure know what they are doing! Here is just some of the haul I came away with…



Exciting things that include cinnamon peanut butter, whole grain pancake mix, apple-cinnamon jelly, kiwi jam, pizza dough mix, granola, spicy quinoa pilaf, lots more and a giant bag of rolled oats! See the rolled oats in the back? That bag is over 3 times the size of the container we buy at the store and was only SIX DOLLARS. The big tub of red pepper flakes on the far left (on top of a larger tub of spicy quinoa) was under 3 dollars. I am most definitely going to need to visit this store when I need to buy in bulk!

Zach and I did Cardio Recovery after lunch and it was so good to do deep stretching. I’ll tell you what though, anyone who thinks stretching is not difficult or challenging needs to do this workout. Zach says he has surprises for the rest of the day now so I am excited to find out! 🙂


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