19 Apr

Friday Evening

Tonight’s title ^ ought to get me some interesting search results leading to my blog…

I was going to do the treadmill tonight (run a bit) and I realized that I haven’t worked out on another piece of equipment at the gym in quite some time! (Also all the treadmills were full.) So I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and by the end of my time I could definitely feel it in my legs and glutes. Even though I am getting such a good range of workouts through Insanity it really is good to do other things as well to work different muscles or different parts of muscles that may not be getting as much attention. I did 1.93 miles (wish I realized I was so close and I would have done 2!) and burned 186 calories.

It was a very easy dinner night- leftovers! Zach ate up the rest of the turkey strips with plum sauce and I finished the chicken penne dish from Sunday.


Grapes were my side item of choice.


I love both easy and yummy.


Now here’s a picture that you have never seen me post on my blog most likely:


A beer! That’s right, I’m having a beer. My week of no drinks is up and here shortly we are headed over to Brooke and Ev’s house to hang out with friends. I am going to have some beer tonight because I am working on developing more of a taste for it since we will be going to several craft brewing stores/pubs on our vacation this year. Getting ready and heading out now! See you in the morning with an update!

346.5 miles.


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