18 Apr

Thursday Afternoon

Went all out on Pure Cardio this afternoon and was rewarded with a shirt even more sweat-soaked than usual. Gratifying. 🙂 I burned 257 calories (a new calorie high for Pure Cardio!) and did 1.33 miles. As always now Cardio Abs is paired with Pure Cardio and I am going to do those this evening with Zach.

Lunch was a very simple affair today. I wasn’t starving and I was feeling to lazy to actually fix much.



I sliced up an ounce of gouda and served it with some crackers.



Then I had my assortment of red foods:



Strawberries, cherry tomatoes and red pepper strips.


Red foods are rich in lycopene, carotenoids and flavonoids and have antioxidant and cardiovascular properties. Many of them also have aphrodisiac properties…ooh lala. 🙂 Perhaps this is why we often associate the color red with love? This is why it is good though to eat foods all throughout the color spectrum- they all provide different benefits and meet different bodily needs!



My sweet mother-in-law came over during nap-time with a gift bag of goodies for my “blogiversary”. In the mix were several food items from an apparently awesome Amish store called Fountain Square. We are making plans to visit this weekend 🙂



I got lots of exciting things including pickled brussels sprouts (a new thing to me!! can’t wait to see how they taste), cous cous, jam, herbs de provence, cardamom as well as some other fun things. You will most likely see the couscous featured tonight… Thanks, Vicki!



Looks like some crazy weather is headed for Indiana (as well as several other states) this evening! High temperatures today with lots of storms tonight and rapidly dropping temps = tornado weather. Praying for safety tonight!


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