18 Apr

Thursday Evening

Gym tonight was 30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline for 1.86 miles and 219 calories. By the time I got home I knew that I would not be doing Cardio Abs tonight, 3 workouts was enough for me both my body and legs were telling me. I’ve decided that I will do it first thing in the morning as my booty call instead of my usual 30 minutes on the gazelle.

Dinner was quite wonderful tonight! The main course was a bit of an adaptation. I got the recipe from “Easy Dinners, Healthy Recipes” for Lemon Chicken but turned it into lemon tilapia instead.


I figured if you could do it with chicken then why not with fish? So I coated tilapia filets in a mix of flour + pepper and cooked them in a bit of butter in a skillet. While that cooked I had the chives and saffron couscous that Vicki brought me fluffing in water in a different pot. When the fish was cooked through I removed it and kept it warm while making the sauce. I cooked lemon juice, chicken broth and cornstarch in the same skillet until thickened. Added green onions and cooked a bit longer. Asparagus cooking in yet one more pan…quite the busy stove!

Lets start with the asparagus, I left mine plain and unseasoned. All that I did was cook it in a bit of olive oil spray and left it alone, it needed no other help!



Now the fish.



The fish and the crust on the fish was fantastic but this sauce was SO lemony. Way, way too much lemon. I even thought that it sounded like quite a bit when reading the recipe. I scraped the sauce off and used the tiniest bit for flavoring and that was much, much better.

The real highlight of the meal though was that couscous!!



Such good flavor, such good consistency…I am really looking forward to visiting this Amish store. 🙂 Now Zach and I are watching “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”!!! Zach bought it for me as a surprise and I had to go on a hunt for it this morning. I am afraid I pretty much squealed with delight at finding it. 🙂 SO very excited to add this to the rotation of Harry Potter and LOTR movies!

Just realized I didn’t update my mileage last night! Oops! Last night= 340 miles. Now today = 344 miles. All caught up.


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