17 Apr

Wednesday Afternoon

Whew! I went HARD in Insanity today! Today’s circuit was Plyometric Cardio and I really pushed myself. 43 minutes, 278 calories and 1.35 miles (only burned 259 the first time I did this circuit so a definite improvement is taking place!!).

I didn’t eat until after Insanity was done. Right now I am kind of liking doing it at the beginning of nap-time and then fixing lunch after. Once I got hungry I decided to make an omelet.




















I sauteed green and red peppers and some mushrooms to go in my egg white omelet. Added a blend of cheeses (FF mozzarella, cheddar and a small bit of gouda). S+P of course and some cherry tomatoes on top.











Grapes were the accompaniment.











Sadly, I realized too late that I had taken these photos in manual mode and not Av. I couldn’t tell through the camera but after they were downloaded (and deleted) I realized how washed out they were. Especially this one…











Ah well, at least it tasted good! 🙂











On with Wednesday!

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