17 Apr

Wednesday Evening

I need to get this post written and get to bed! It’s getting a little too late (well, for me that is…). I was glad I was at spin tonight despite the fact that I felt a bit slower tonight. I was feeling a bit worn out at the end of the work day coupled with limbs that felt a little heavy and sore. I went though and did 62 minutes, 21.3 miles and 357 calories.

Once I got done I ran home, picked up Zach and went right to Mom and Dad’s for dinner!











Mom made fantastic pork chops that were cooked with onion, worcestershire sauce, ketchup and some other things that I don’t remember…but they were wonderful!


The zucchini were scooped out and basted with olive oil, seasoned, sprinkled with bacon bits and topped with provolone cheese. I had one of these and it was great!



The last component was fried rice!



All very, very good. After dinner I had to back up Mom’s thousands (literally) and thousands of photos onto a USB drive. While they took almost an hour to transfer we played Password with Mom and Dad and got beat…barely. 🙂 All right now Zach is watching some dude on Animal Planet let tons of eels eat all over him…I think that’s our cue for bedtime. 😉


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