16 Apr

Tuesday Morning

Wow is it dark out there today! Definitely no playing outside this afternoon. It should help them have a good nap though, the kids always tend to sleep like rocks when it is so dark outside…that is, unless a storm crops up! This morning has seemed busy for some reason, just lots of little things to take care of. Thrown in there was 30 minutes on the gazelle and breakfast.


I chopped up several strawberries and layered them parfait style (albeit messy parfait style…) in with FAGE, honey and granola.


There were two layers total and they were so good. I am so glad to have strawberries that are starting to taste like strawberries are supposed to! All winter I barely buy them because they just seem paler and unnatural but now they are vibrant and juicy and delicious again!


The granola is Bear Naked’s maple pecan granola. It’s very good but I use it sparingly since granola is such a high calorie per serving size food. Good calories yes, but that still doesn’t mean you want to go overboard on them! People sometimes eat even more calories when eating a healthier food because they believe since it is a health food they can have more and that is not always the case!



On with my busy morning now! Here are some cute, snuggly cats…



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