15 Apr

Monday Afternoon

That oatmeal was FILLING. So filling in fact that I did Insanity this afternoon before eating anything because I wasn’t the least bit hungry and could tell that I had enough energy to work out on. So I did 40 minutes of Cardio Power and Resistance for 224 calories and 1.1 miles. I felt really good today! I was able to do all the moves with more endurance than before and I love any sign of progress.

After the workout when I started to work up an appetite I already had my lunch planned.


I heated up the leftover citrus broccoli from Friday as part of my meal.



I don’t care for this that much, I don’t think I will make it again. The other part of my meal was tilapia though and that I cared for quite a bit! 🙂


I cooked my filet in a little butter and seasoned it with S+P, thyme, parsley, paprika and onion powder. This made for a flavorful, slightly spicy fish. Wonderful!



The beautiful morning has turned into a very, very cloudy day. No rain so far though so as long as it holds off we will get to go outside this afternoon! OH! I almost forgot! Does anyone know what April 15th is? Of course I do, tax day!! We were nervous for a bit but scrimped and saved and pulled it off! I wrote the government some very large checks today and am oh-so-thankful that I don’t have to do it again for a year 🙂 Thank you, God!


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