15 Apr

Monday Evening

For a Monday and a good Insanity day, I had a great gym workout! Did 30 minutes on the treadmill: first I ran a mile, then I walked for a bit, then I sprinted a half mile and then walked the rest. Did 2.51 miles and burned 221 calories. Got 5 miles total today!!

Since tonight was a Bible study night and Zach wasn’t going to be around to cook dinner while I was at the gym, it needed to be an easy one tonight! I got this recipe for Baked Eggs from my “Way to Cook Vegetarian” cookbook and turned dinner into breakfast! All I had to do was grease a couple of ramekins with butter, crack an egg into them, season with S+P, add 1 tsp. of cream and then put the ramekins into a dish filled an inch and a quarter with hot water.


Popped the baking dish in the oven and baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. For sides I made Ezekiel toast with butter…


and we each chose fresh fruit. Zach picked a banana and I picked grapes. 🙂


You know I love eggs in any form and these were new to me so I was very excited to see how they turned out!

IMG_0985 IMG_0986


The verdict? Really good! I ate mine in bites on the toast and the egg was so interesting. It was like a mix between hard-boiled and fried and something totally new! That little bit of cream on top added a very unique twist to it. These were easy and good and I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up for breakfast at some point…

A great time of fellowship and learning at Bible study tonight and now we are back home. I’m blogging and Zach’s in the other room cranking out his Shaun T for the day! A little more down-time ahead until it’s time for bed and doing it over again tomorrow 🙂

328 miles. 35.5/200 running miles.


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