12 Apr

Friday Afternoon

My sub, Kathy, was telling me today all about how incredibly tired she has been this week and how it has to do with allergies. Sounds familiar!! I was so ready and grateful for my half day today, much needed! I ate my first part of lunch before Insanity, some 1% cottage cheese with pepper.

IMG_0921 IMG_0923


Then I buckled down and did today’s Insanity- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. 42 minutes, 262 calories and 1.3 miles. It was a little tough today after my slow week, but the biggest problem was my right soleus muscle (the stringy muscle underneath the calf). I had to google it to find out what it was because at different times both soleus muscles have ached a little during Insanity, mostly during the warmup, but today it persisted throughout the whole thing. I am hoping it is just because I haven’t drank enough water today and could be a little dehydrated.

Planning on having a bit more for the second part of lunch but haven’t gotten hungry yet! Instead I am working on a menu for the week and then grocery shopping. If I eat, you’ll know. 🙂


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