12 Apr

Thursday Evening

Oooooh I should have known this would not be pretty. The combination of- no lunch, fatigue and not working out was a dangerous one indeed. *Warning* The following is not eating for health.


My dinner consisted of a small fettucine alfredo and a slice of cheesecake from Concannon’s. My only defense is that Zach ate several bites of my alfredo and almost all of the cheesecake. I am serious about the cheesecake part. I really thought I wanted it, but after I had mostly eaten off the frosting and a few bites of the cheesecake I was very full and totally “sweeted out”. Still though I am sure that I consumed enough calories for a small family. Ugh. Well hopefully my day of rest (minus the lame 30 minutes on the gazelle) will have done me some good because I have goals for tomorrow!!

315 miles.


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