12 Apr

Friday Morning

Thank God for new days and second chances. I ate atrociously last night and feel that overall my eating has been sub-par lately. I definitely have the exercise part down with doing Insanity, now I need to work more on nutrition. I know the proper way to eat, I just don’t always do it. Well I am going to work on changing that. First of all a couple rules just to kickstart it- no drinks and no snacks for a week. I really have to regulate that snack thing especially. Occasionally that is fine but to have an evening treat every night is unnecessary and I always end up eating it too late and then going to bed which is not healthy either. I’m going to eat as clean as possible and know that I will feel worlds better when I do!

So this morning:


A red apple with cinnamon to start my day.


Doesn’t get any more clean than a whole, raw food with a ground spice. 😉



This morning while doing my 30 minutes on the gazelle I started a new documentary called “Food Matters”. So far it’s very informative. It’s about eating for health and food being the best medicine. It has a lot of emphasis on vitamins as well that is very interesting. Vitamins often get a bad rap in the health world but do you know how many people have died from vitamins in the past 23 years? Ten. And that is allegedly, not even for sure proven. That is less than half a person per year. I used to take vitamins daily and have gotten out of the habit but this documentary has me taking them again!!


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