10 Apr

Wednesday Evening

Spin class tonight! I did 24.3 miles, 70 minutes and burned 511 calories!!! That’s like the most calories I have ever burned during spin!! Zach and I headed to Mom and Dad’s for dinner (Wednesday tradition…) and I realized…I forgot my camera! I had Zach take the pictures on his phone, so they aren’t quite up to par but they still work! First up a delicious cranberry, mandarin orange, almond salad with vinaigrette.


I had half a slice of garlic bread and amazingly delicious cheese ravioli.


Yum! We didn’t stick around after dinner tonight, but came home to finish “Hitchcock” with our snack.


We got two mini blizzards to share and loved the rest of the movie. I found out tonight that the guy playing Hitch was Anthony Hopkins! AKA Hannibal Lecter! He did an incredible job really. Now just spending time together before another early turn in 🙂 Listening to WICKED thunder outside right now…sounds like our house is going to crack apart!

313.5 miles.


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