10 Apr

Tuesday Evening

I JUST told a friend today that I didn’t want to do Insanity in the evenings anymore…and what did I do this evening? Insanity. I just couldn’t stand getting behind a day and I wanted to be on the same day as Zach also. It was probably my puniest Insanity workout since my energy level wasn’t up to par, but hey, I did it! Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. Further proof of how beneficial exercise is to you- I had the most energy that I have had all day after working out! Tonight was a double dose of Insanity as well. From now on our workout calendar has us doing another workout with Pure Cardio called Cardio Abs. So as if the 38 minutes of pure cardio wasn’t tough enough, we now will always follow it with 18 minutes of cardio abs!! During pure cardio I burned 234 calories and did 1.24 miles (both a little low for pure cardio). I forgot to start my fitbit timer on cardio abs so I don’t have my calorie burn.There wouldn’t be any distance worth mentioning for abs though.

Zach and I hung out and started the movie “Hitchcock” and when we got hungry we picked up some Steak N’ Shake. I ordered a pepperjack melt with fries and cheese.


This sounded good and tasted good at first but I got too full and it was too greasy to complete! The single scoop of chocolate custard up in the corner though? Zach and I shared this and we definitely completed that. 🙂 More “Hitchcock” and then plenty of sleep tonight!

303.5 miles.


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