8 Apr

Sunday Evening

It’s SUCH a beautiful day today. It’s been so sunny and so warm and Zach and I have spent a good amount of time outside! We went for a nice long walk around the river in downtown Muncie. Walked for an hour and burned 222 calories (we walked very slowly and stopped a lot for playing 🙂 ). 1.9 miles, so close to 2!! Some photos of our afternoon…

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0863 IMG_0869

Such fun. 🙂 We came home to more outdoor time by playing Nerts out on our patio. Zach obliterated me. Then we headed to dinner with our friends Brooke and Everett! We went to Bob Evans. Have you ever seen me type Bob Evans before? Haha I haven’t been there in literally over a year but we were all looking for someplace pretty cheap but not fast food and this was the choice. I had breakfast of course. It started with a slice of banana bread:


I got the Border Scramble omelet which had sausage, home fries, pepperjack cheese and salsa (and maybe some other things?) with hashbrowns on the side.


I only ate half the omelet because I was getting stuffed! Boxed the rest up for later. When we headed out we were having a BEAUTIFUL sunset.

IMG_0877 IMG_0880

We finished the night by having our first bonfire of the year at Brooke and Ev’s house. Hillary and her friend Nate joined us as well!


I smell so much like a campfire right now but it was so much fun. Such a gorgeous, spring day!!!

300 miles.


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