6 Apr

Saturday Afternoon

Whew! Soooore muscles today! Running was tough this morning at the gym! I knew it would be with a.) how worked over my muscles are getting from Insanity and b.) the fact that I haven’t been running as much since Insanity. I am typically wore out from the Insanity afternoon workout and don’t feel like running in the evening, but this coming week I am going to have to make running a priority so that I can keep up my mileage! Today I ran 1.5 miles at a steady 6.0 pace, then walked just a bit and then ran fast (for me) a half a mile at a 6.9 up to 7.2 then walked a bit more. Did a total of 2.5 miles and burned 230 calories.

When I got home I jumped straight into today’s Insanity- Cardio Recovery. It was 33 minutes of yoga/stretching and I burned 81 calories. I was so much more flexible/balanced/enduring just since last Sunday when I did Cardio Recovery. It  was a very nice deep muscle stretch and I am so excited that tomorrow is an Insanity rest day! 🙂

Lunch was an easy affair.



Sometimes I feel the need to reiterate that we always eat off of salad plates. This is not a dinner plate. It can be hard to tell in pictures sometimes but that would totally change the look of the portions and these are small portions, not huge ones! I had the very last of the pickled eggs and beets from Easter…



The very last slice of ham…



And a little square of the Reese’s brownies!



Mmmmm…. 🙂 Have some fun plans for the afternoon ahead that include seeing a baby, going for a walk and some wine!  Have a great day!

297 miles. 34/200 running miles.


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