6 Apr

Saturday Morning

Happy Saturday world! Before I get to breakfast I need to back up to last night. (I added my stats from the walk and upped my mileage on last night’s post.) After the walk Zach had a plan for us. HE was dying to bake. This is a rare thing but all day he was telling me how he wanted us to bake together. I told him I would pick out a recipe if he gave me guidelines and he said “pb and chocolate”. After much searching we chose this: Reeses Brownies with Peanut Butter Buttercream.


This was eating for fun. NOT eating for health! Haha! First we made our delicious brownie batter (spatula licks included…)


Layered it in the bottom of a pan, added rows of miniature reese cups, then covered with the rest of the brownie batter and cooked. Once done cooking it began to cool and we made up the PB buttercream which was IN-credible. Topped with the buttercream and chopped reeses.


Finally we got to enjoy it!


Despite this being a tiny, little plate, I only ate half of this brownie. Not because it wasn’t good, but it was SO. RICH. These brownies most definitely require milk with them! So you will be seeing this get eaten in small portions all week I am sure. 🙂 We ate these while watching “Anna Karenina”. I had read this book a couple of summers back and really wanted to see the movie. Very interesting!

Woke up this morning not super hungry (thanks late-night brownie) and just had a small bowl of grapes.


Now it’s off to the gym for some running!


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