5 Apr

Friday Morning

I was OUT last night. We turn our heat off at night and I normally wake up an hour or two before my alarm and have Zach turn it back on so that the house is warm by the time I get up for work. Today? Today my house was freezing when I woke up because I had never woken up to have Zach turn it on! I started my morning gazelle time even faster than normal  so that I would warm up! 🙂 It worked.

A great creation was born this morning.


I call it: The Peanut Butter-Bacon French Toast Sammie. Too much of a mouthful?


Well it was a DELICIOUS mouthful! I started with a slice of Ezekiel bread and soaked it in eggwhites mixed with a scant tsp. of 100% maple syrup. Then I cooked the bread up french toast style and cooked a slice of turkey bacon on another pan. When the bread was done I coated it with peanut butter. Tore up the bacon slice and layered it on with banana on top. Finished with cinnamon and honey!


The extra banana went on the side with cinnamon and a bit more PB.



Man, my genius is on full-scale this morning. 😉 I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m very happy that it is looking to hopefully be as nice as yesterday outside!!


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