4 Apr

Thursday Evening

It was so beautiful out today!! I got to take the daycare kids out for the FIRST time this year and it was wonderful. They were so excited, I was so excited, it was just happiness all around. 🙂 I even took my jacket off! So in the spirit of good weather (and a lighter workout) I skipped the gym in favor of a Cardinal Greenway walk with Mom! We did 33 minutes, 1.8 miles and I burned 210 calories. Whoever said walking was not a good workout? 🙂

Supper came from “Way to Cook Vegetarian” tonight. Tofu Fried-Rice.


During nap today I cooked brown rice (this called for white, but why would you ever have less fiber if you could have more? :)) I also dried out my tofu (as previously stated) as well as chopped green onions. Once home from my walk I got started! First step was to cook my tofu in vegetable oil. Once lightly browned, I removed it from the pan and added eggs. Cooked the eggs until just set and removed them from the pan as well. Next I added a bit more oil to the pan and cooked the green onion, frozen to thawed peas + carrots and garlic with a couple dashes of ginger. In a bowl I combined rice wine, tamari (a reduced sodium soy sauce), hoisin sauce and sesame oil. Added the rice to the veggie pan as well as the tofu, egg and soy sauce mixture and heated through. Voila!


This was awesome!! Zach ate like 2 1/2 bowls haha!


For people who aren’t over the moon about carrots or peas, we loved every bite. The tofu was awesome and the little bit of ginger was a great accent. I would most definitely make this again! Also, it made a ton soooo hooray for leftovers!


Playing Nerts with Zach and Steven now and probably a snack here soon 🙂 Goodnight!

290 miles.

{Edited to add}
Told you a snack was coming… 🙂 When saving every dollar for taxes but you want a special treat, what do you do? Use your $15 Dairy Queen gift card of course! Haha


Zach and I got two mini blizzards and shared them: double chocolate cookie dough and chocolate covered pretzel. YUM


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