4 Apr

Thursday Morning

I have been waiting all week for Zach to fix breakfast on the square griddle and today was the day! Why have I been waiting for this? Because last week when he cooked toast/turkey bacon/eggs on the griddle and then I cooked on it it amped up the flavor of everything 10x. I was so excited to do it again 🙂 After my 30 minutes on the gazelle I cooked one egg over-easy, 2 slices of turkey bacon and a slice of Ezekiel toast.


My egg broke on the plate but that was fine by me! As long as it doesn’t break on the pan and cook!


I love that the toast doesn’t even need butter with the bacon flavor it soaks up (plus I dip it in the egg yolk).


This breakfast was grrrrr-eat! (To quote Tony the Tiger)



Something exciting- yesterday with all that activity I burned 2,626 calories- the most I have ever burned in a day since starting with my Fitbit!!! I literally went back and checked and the closest was 2,601. Thank you Insanity. 🙂


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