3 Apr

Wednesday Afternoon

Today I decided to do a bit of a split lunch again. For the first part of lunch I had soup:

IMG_0722 IMG_0724

I know the mug is only half full, but these are HUGE mugs people. This soup was called German Tomato Soup and it was great!!


Vicki brought this over to us last night from Merk’s Sweet Shoppe (formerly our ice cream/golf place, remember?). I had never heard of german tomato soup before but it is a thin tomato soup, almost a little sweet like tomato basil, that has some ground beef and onions and peppers and other spices in it. I threw in some of the parmesan cheese she brought with it as well and I really liked it! (Mom, I think you would really like it too :))


Next was today’s Insanity- Cardio Power and Resistance for 40 minutes. I most definitely felt stronger on this than the last time I performed it!! I did 1.1 miles and burned 232 calories.

Once I could breathe again I was ready for the second part of lunch:


Nice, cold, juicy green grapes. They tasted extra good post-workout!


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