3 Apr

Wednesday Evening

Tonight was so nice because I didn’t have to do a rummage-in-the-fridge for dinner since Mom had us over for dinner instead! First though, spin class. This is crazy, but I did awesome!!! I expected to be slow/sore/worn out from Insanity but instead I think I had more energy?! I was only there for 57 minutes (a little less than usual) but biked 21 miles and burned a whopping 436 calories! I know I have Insanity to thank for my increased stamina in cardio that I am already noticing. Just a week ago there is no way I would have been able to do a hardcore workout like this after a grueling Insanity! So you could say I was a little excited. 🙂

Here are probably the best dinner pics I’ve taken at Mom and Dad’s because of how light it still is outside! First up was a nice veggie salad:


I lightly dressed mine with some Tuscan Italian type dressing. Then the main course!


My favorite angel hair pasta…


A crockpot chicken recipe that involved cream of chicken soup, garlic powder, rosemary, worcestershire sauce and mushrooms.


Very, very good! After dinner we played Nerts (no surprise) but HERE is the surprise…


Zach and I killed them! FINALLY. Relaxing now and the work week is half over, hooray!

286 miles.

{edited to add}

Ended up having a baby bowl of “ice cream” tonight…


Banana ice cream that is! I blended one frozen banana with a little vanilla and a little unsweetened almond milk. Topped with cinnamon, a honey drizzle and a little PB.


This was such a fantastic, natural snack- loved it!


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