2 Apr

Tuesday Afternoon

Today I heated up some of the leftover Lemony Shrimp Salad on half an Ezekiel bun under the broiler.


At the end of heating I sprinkled on fat-free mozzarella and let it stay under just 30 seconds more.


It was good but sitting in the fridge for awhile has reallllly caused this dish to soak up that onion flavor. Mercy I need to put less onion in next time!


This was my workout fuel for today’s Insanity- Plyometric Cardio Circuit again. Back to the first Insanity workout! This may be the hardest one. Either this one or Cardio Power and Resistance. I did 1.3 miles and burned 270 calories- eleven more calories than the last time I did this one so I must have worked a little bit harder. 🙂 I know 270 may not sound like that many calories for an intense 40 minute session, but you have to understand that Shaun T does over 10 minutes of stretching and there are at least 6 30-second water breaks (except during Pure Cardio!) Zach and I have now completed one full week of Insanity and I think that is definitely something to be proud of! 🙂

Taxes are due in 13 days and I am really starting to feel the crunch. We don’t know what we owe yet but it is never pretty with us both being self-employed. Conveniently my car not only needs a new tire right now but also won’t even start. Ah well, trusting God and trying to make wise financial decisions with our money! To warn you, you will be seeing a lot of random food-around-the-house dinners because I am not going grocery shopping until after we write the big checks!


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