2 Apr

Tuesday Evening

Whew! I am beat now! I went to the gym expecting to do a mediocre workout and then felt pretty decent so ended up doing more than I bargained on. First I did 20 minutes on the arc trainer (1.3 miles). Then I was going to do the stairmaster but the only available one was broken. I hopped on a treadmill instead and started at a fast pace at a steep incline. Then I decided that I wanted to get just a bit more running in so I ran a very fast half mile that left me totally winded and wiped. Finally I walked a bit longer for a total of 23 minutes and 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Overall I burned 262 calories.

Dinner was, as I warned you, completely random. Like I said, it’s eat up the house week! (Although I do think I have the right ingredients for a specific recipe so that may make an appearance one night.)



I grilled two slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread french toast style (after they’d soaked up egg whites).



I left one slice plain and put some Wild Squirrel chocolate coconut butter on the other.



What would french toast be without syrup?



I also had the last deviled egg from Easter. Mom sent us home with like 6 or 7 but this is only my second…”Where are all the rest?” you wonder. In Zach’s stomach of course! 🙂



Unconventional but good nonetheless! A take on breakfast 🙂 Now Zach and I are watching Chopped and pondering what we’re going to do with ourselves for the rest of the evening!

276.5 miles (got a good amount today!) 32/200 running miles.


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