1 Apr

Monday Morning

If I hear one more person say “April Fools!” I may scream. Haha after a room full of 2-5 year olds finds out just what April Fools is all about, those are the only words one hears all day. A lot of times they don’t even come after a joke, it’s just a kid yelling “April Fools!” for no reason! At least they get a kick out of themselves 🙂

Went to the gym after work and I really wanted to do a little running because I haven’t ran in what feels like forever. I knew with today’s pure cardio workout I didn’t want to run too far or push too hard, I just wanted to get a little something in. So I ran an easy mile and then walked at an incline for a total of 30 minutes, a little over 2 miles and 200 calories exactly.

Came home to Easter leftovers before Bible study!


A piece of ham, some green bean casserole and cheesy potatoes.

IMG_0702 IMG_0701 IMG_0700

I like having Easter twice. 🙂 We ran off to Bible study and the book of John and had a great time of fellowship and learning with good friends, this seriously is always a highlight of my week. Now I am home enjoying this piece of vanilla-cream apple pie.


On a smaller than salad plate of course! About to go read in bed with my dear and do it over again tomorrow!

271.5 miles. 31.5/200 running miles (need to pick these up!!)


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