31 Mar

Sunday Afternoon

When we got home from church today it was a complete whirlwind! I had to throw everything together for green bean casserole, get it ready to put in the oven, do an Insanity workout, cook the casserole, finish up the final touches on a dessert and then run out the door! Today’s Insanity was called Cardio Recovery and I understand now why it would come after the last two workouts, it was serious stretching. This was just 33 minutes (burned 82 calories) and it was very much yoga-centric. I know I was so ridiculously sore yesterday (today was much better) but I honestly believe I could have done this workout yesterday. Shaun T apparently knew what he was doing in the order he has us doing workouts! While not the level of difficulty of the other workouts, it was intense in it’s own rights. I know the one on the menu for tomorrow is going to be pretty hard-core again…and I can honestly say I’m ready for it. 🙂

We headed out into the country for a nice, small family Easter at my Grandma and Larry’s house. It was just me & Zach, Mom & Dad and Grandma & Larry. Oh, and plenty of food. 🙂 Along with my contribution of rolls, green bean casserole and desserts, there was a cheesy potato casserole, ham, deviled eggs, veggies + dip, pickled beets + eggs.




As you can see, I had a small bit of everything minus a roll (typical Jordan). I normally eat two plates at holiday events but today I was just fine with my one, it was perfect! Then dessert, which I will finally reveal! (dramatic, right? Haha!)

IMG_0615 IMG_0617

I made white chocolate raspberry cookies and a vanilla-cream apple pie! Both were very good, but the pie was my favorite! I would definitely make it again. We had fun taking quite a few pictures, it turned into such a lovely Easter day! We also played a card game…which I pretty much lost at…haha but it was fun. I am working on editing photos and will put them up later, but for your current viewing pleasure, pictures from the desserts making process!

IMG_0604 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0611 IMG_0612


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