31 Mar

Sunday Morning

Up early this morning! We had a good, long night’s sleep and felt much more rested upon waking. I jumped in the shower and then got to work on part 2 of one of my Easter desserts. As well as ate a banana for breakfast…


and of course, blogged about it! 🙂 Have to finish getting ready now and head to church. Lots more to do when we get home!

My facebook status from this morning:

“The Bible: We have writings from at least 8 men who claim to be eyewitnesses to Jesus and his resurrection. (and each of the writers held this belief to their murder) These writings resulted in a movement that grew from a few hundred to a few million people relatively quickly since they matched with the rest of the 40 authors (Old Testament) writings which were produced as early as 1500 years before the New Testament. It’s not a book. It’s a collection of 66 writings by 40 different authors (many of which did not know eachother at all) written in a 1500 year time span on 3 different continents in 3 different languages. It’s the most loved, hated, fought for, fought against, distributed, sold, translated, discussed, taught, misused, sung about and pondered book of all time. It’s also by far the most preserved book of all time with thousands of manuscripts in the original languages in museums all across the globe. It’s by far the greatest phenomenon to hit the planet. It is incredibly accurate in geogrophy, history, it names cities, real people, the history of ancient nations and contains excellent wisdom and insight into the human condition. Yes, I believe it. And I believe He is alive.”

Just my thoughts 🙂


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